NAAPA sponsors a Fall educational conference and an annual Spring Conference.


Dear NAAPA Members,

We have been monitoring the developments of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and with the most recent travel restrictions by many of our universities and healthcare systems, the NAAPA Board has made the decision to postpone our Spring Education Conference 2020 in Boston until the fall.

Although NAAPA has not cancelled a conference in the past, your health and that of your families is our top priority.  Therefore it is necessary for us all to take appropriate precautions.  For those members who are currently registered for the conference, we can either transfer your registration fee towards the next conference in the fall (preferably to NAAPA to minimize workload), or refund it back to you.  Please let us know your preference by emailing [email protected] Additionally, please contact the Revere Hotel to cancel your hotel reservation at 1.855.673.8373 or (617) 482-1800 or by emailing [email protected].

I want to thank the Education Committee and Rebecca Schmitt (member on the ground) for their dedication in planning a wonderful conference.  Please be assured that as University and Hospital Administrators and important leaders in our own institutions we are prepared to navigate through these challenging circumstances.  Remember our motto:  Educate administrators.  Facilitate excellence.  We look forward to seeing you again!

In the meantime please plan to join us virtually on April 16 – we would have joined together for lunch on this date in Boston to have our Spring NAAPA business meeting.  Instead you will have to bring your own gourmet lunch with you to your desktop computer to join us virtually to vote on a slate of new officers to run our beloved NAAPA organization.  We will be sending out a meeting invitation for a virtual meeting in the coming week, and we encourage all members to participate.  On the agenda will be NAAPA’s current state of business affairs, voting on the 2020 Slate of Officers and presenting our annual awards. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me Irma Sanchez, President of NAAPA at [email protected] or Liz Stevenson, Chair of the Education Committee at [email protected].

Thank you for your patience and trust in NAAPA. 

– Irma Sanchez, President


2019 Fall Conference – Dallas, TX
2019 Spring Conference – Los Angeles, CA
2018 Fall Conference – Ann Arbor, MI
2018 Spring Conference – Cleveland, OH
2017 Fall Conference – New Haven, CT
2017 Spring Conference – St. Augustine, FL
2016 Fall Conference – San Antonio, TX
2016 Spring Conference – St. Louis, MO
2015 Fall Conference – New Orleans, LA
2015 Spring Conference – Portland, OR
2014 Fall Conference – Chicago, IL
2014 Spring Conference – Nashville, TN
2013 Fall Conference – San Diego, CA
2013 Spring Conference – San Francisco, CA
2012 Spring Conference – Charleston, SC


The National Association of Academic Psychiatry Administrators is a national professional organization founded in 1985 to provide education, professional development  and networking opportunities for administrators in academic settings.